​​The School Based Policing Program is a joint initiative between the Queensland Police Service and Education Queensland. The main role of the program is to establish positive relationships between police and the secondary school community to contribute to a safe and supportive learning environment.
School-based police officers support students at risk of offending while encouraging school communities to adopt approaches that aid in crime prevention and proactive policing.
The School Based Policing Program helps high schools and the community by:
  • addressing identified needs within the school community
  • helping teachers develop and present curriculum material to meet police and school community needs
  • undertaking initial response and investigation of offences within the perimeters of the school.
(Education Queensland maintains 'OneSchool' which records all interations with parents and students. Interations with a school-based police officer may be required to be included in 'OneSchool'. School-based police officers will aways exercise discretion and confidentiality)
A school-based police officer has an office within the high school, and is contactable through the Administration Office during school hours.
Our school based police officer is Senior Constable Shane Eggmolesse. If you would like to discuss any matters with Senior Constable Shane Eggmolesse contact:
Mackay North SHS: (07) 4963 1666
Mackay Police: (07) 4968 3444